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My Process

    Here are a few technical notes about the prints I produce:

    Medium: Hand-pressed, direct-from-nature prints.

    Paper:  I strive to always use acid-free paper that is made in the USA and contains as much post-consumer recycled content as possible. Additionally, some prints are on sheets that I have recycled and hand pressed in my studio.

    Ink: Nontoxic, soy-based inks that carry the AP Seal. Made in the USA.

    Print numbers: All prints are originals, meaning the object directly touched the page. When an object yields more than one print, each original is tagged with its place in that print session (i.e., 1/3 for the first in a run that yielded three).

    Material Collection Location: Most objects were found in the woodlands, fields, and roadsides of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

    Honorable Harvest: I try my best to follow the native American principles for an Honorable Harvest. I follow the rules that were shared with me by the author Robin Wall Kimmerer. You can read the list in her post at These include:

    • Never take the first. Never take the last.
    • Harvest in a way that minimizes harm. 
    • Take only what you need and leave some for others.
    • Use everything that you take. 

    While the Honorable Harvest is a spiritual way, the rules (like most ways of America’s indigenous first people) make good sense from a ecological standpoint, too.

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